BCB 09.08-11.22 SD

BCB: CST; Beyond the Cranial Base
BCB September 8-11, 2022 San Diego, California


This workshop was designed to teach participants a deeper understanding of the cranial base and its relation to the whole body/mind. This workshop will teach how all major facial systems attach to the cranial base, their clinical significance, and how to work towards the release of each facial system. With the focus on working from the Upledger paradigm, the participants will become more proficient in moving from local technique to a global tissue process.

The goal is a gentle wholistic mind-body approach to the resolution of problems frequently encountered in the daily cranial clinic. It includes lecture, demonstration, and practice for each technique presented.

Advance Preparation:
To complement the material that you will be learning at the course, it is suggested that you review:
Chapter 13 of CranioSacral Therapy, your CS1, CS2 and SER1 study guides and:
~Temporomandibular Joint Evaluation and Treatment Plan Pocket Guide, available at

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