CSIR: CranioSacral Therapy and the Immune Response

The first level Immune Response (CSIR) class serves as a prerequisite for the four upper level classes in the curriculum. The CranioSacral Immune Response (CSIR) class was one of the final classes that Dr. John Upledger developed in his 30 year long CranioSacral career, and represents the culmination and coming together of all his earlier work. The immune system is involved in every issue that we treat as CranioSacral therapists, from the most mild structural restrictions, to full blown SERs, to acute infections. It is critical that we be able to address this system with precision and specificity.

Precision and specificity were two of the most striking characteristics of Dr. Upledger's work. His knowledge of anatomy and physiology was immense and his ability to focus his intention on precisely the right spot was one of the reasons he was able to get the amazing results that he did. In addition to its focus on an important, often overlooked, system of the body, the CSIR curriculum provides a vehicle for students to develop that precision and specificity.

CSIR class highlights:

  • basic anatomy and physiology of the immune system
  • how to palpate the immune system and its components
  • how to recognize when inflammation is present in the tissue
  • how to determine if that inflammation is chronic or acute
  • recognize which aspects of the immune system are involved in that inflammatory process, and to what the immune system is responding
  • how to treat that inflammation appropriately using our process-oriented CST approach

The prerequisite for this class is SER1

Upper Level Immune Classes

Each of these classes focuses on how chronic inflammation typically manifests in specific areas of the body. These courses provide an excellent vehicle to learn the detailed anatomy of the body within a CranioSacral paradigm, making the information directly and immediately applicable, and will help you to develop the precision and specificity that was so much a part of Dr. Upledger's work.

Each course covers:

  • detailed anatomy of that part of the body
  • how to palpate those various structures
  • recognize if inflammation is present
  • treat any inflammation, fascial restrictions, or other problems they may find, using our process-oriented CST approach

Each of these four courses has the basic CSIR class as a prerequisite and they may be taken in any order.

CSIRTH: CSIR - Palpating and Treating the Thorax (click for video)

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States.  The focus of this class is on the role that chronic inflammation plays in heart and lung disease. By reducing inflammation in the heart and lungs we may hope to reduce the chance of a client experiencing a heart attack in the future. In this class, students learn to palpate and treat all the organs and structures of the thorax.

CSIRAB: CSIR - Palpating and Treating the Abdomen (click for video)

Seventy percent of the immune system guards the mucous lining of the gut. Inflammation in the digestive tract is very common and can cause a myriad of problems throughout the body. In this class, students learn to palpate and treat all the organs and structures of the abdomen.

CSIRPE: CSIR - Palpating and Treating the Pelvis (click for video)

The pelvis provides the structural foundation for the entire torso and contains many of the organs of reproduction and elimination. It is one of the areas of the body in which we most commonly find chronic inflammation. In this class, students learn to palpate and treat all the organs and structures of the pelvis.

CSIREX: CSIR - Palpating and Treating the Extremities

The major focus of this class is arthritis and other chronic inflammatory conditions of the arms and hands, legs and feet. In this class, students learn to palpate and treat all the various structures in the extremities.