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D'Ambrogio Total Body Balancing & Lymphatic Balancing

Total Body Balancing: Advanced Integration 1 (TBBA1)

Prerequisite: Total Body Balancing 1: Fundamentals seminar (TBB1) and passing the written tests from TBB1, 2 and 3 DVD Home Study Programs (purchase required). Prior to attending this class, you should have used the techniques and principles from TBB1-3 in your clinical practice sufficiently enough so that you are ready to review and integrate these techniques, and add more advanced techniques into your skill set.

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"Just a quick note to say how impressed I am by IAHE's online response to the pandemic. The Zoom class was amazing. The way our large group was divided into smaller groups with TA's first thing in the morning was helpful, and the self-exploration and treatment worked beautifully."