Distance Healing from the Core (DHFC)

Prerequisite: No prior course attendance required.

Now is the time to fulfill your calling helping men, women and children in need — without even leaving your home!

This is a phenomenal time to be alive, isn’t it? 

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we get to witness a worldwide transformation.

We’re watching humanity evolve before our eyes … breaking norms that many thought were impossible. 

Like the men and women who are discovering they can work remotely … when before they were chained to a desk. 

And yet, how do we fulfill our calling as therapists and caregivers when we can’t physically touch our clients, family members or friends?

We do it by finally demonstrating that true healing doesn't only come from a set of hands. And it certainly doesn’t come from a prescription pad. 

It comes from deep inside of us. From who we're being when we’re not restricted by time or space.

When you learn how to direct that energy properly, you can help others anywhere in the world.

I've been demonstrating this process to my advanced students for years.

Now all of this is possible for YOU — even in the midst of uncertainty.

This is how you can help clients, family members all over the world ...

And guarantee you always have a steady income flowing in ... now and in the future.