EB2-MB 12.03-05 & 10-12.20 VIRTUAL

EB2-MB: Energetic Balancing 2: Mind Body
EB2-MB December 3-5 & 10-12, 2020 Virtual Eastern Time (Miami)



Energetic Balancing Mind Body (EB-2MB) expands on the Local Approach course content presented in EB1-MS by including instruction on how to evaluate and treat energetic lesions in the visceral and endocrine systems. This course also introduces Internal Factors (thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and behaviors) and how these factors can influence physical health. Treatment expands to include multiple locations and vectors. Instruction includes how to perform energetic self-treatment sessions, face to face treatment sessions, and remote treatment sessions.

Advance Preparation:
Please have your EB1-MS study guide and anatomy books or apps as references, as we will be working with the energy fields of muscles, bones, joints of the upper and lower extremities, spine, thorax and the cranium. We will also work with the dural tube.

There are 2 good apps Kerry D’Ambrogio uses - Essential anatomy and 3D Visual Body.

As you prepare to attend class, please review a video from developer Kerry D'Ambrogio about the Principles of Practice you will be discussing in class., and review the visceral and endocrine system anatomy of the human body. This includes the viscera, visceral fascia, visceral supporting structures, and endocrine glands.

We will email the study guide to you in advance of the class.

If possible, and you are comfortable in your space doing so, you are welcome to invite someone to work on - more detail about the schedule for that will be forthcoming. We will be presenting other options if that is not appropriate in your circumstances.

Additionally, by attending this zoom program, you are then eligible to attend a physical EB2-MB class at a later date for just $250.00.

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