CAESE 12.17-18.17 AUS

CAESE: Clinical Applications of EcoSomatics Equine
CAESE December 17-18, 2017 Austin, Texas


This course is open to all ESE students at no cost to help the horses traumatized by the hurricane in Texas. 

This course is designed to help you hone your expertise in blending with equine clients by learning to better understand and read their individual and discipline specific needs; fine tune your assessment, palpation, and treatment skills; learn to incorporate the facility environment, the owners and/or trainers into the treatment session as needed; and to work in a multiple hands therapeutic setting, including that of lead therapist.

The small group setting will help you gain insights to using your time and energy most efficiently, prioritizing therapeutic treatment protocol. You will have the opportunity to review the material of your choice and participate in in-depth group discussions with your instructor, colleagues, and trainers. A different equine facility may be visited each day in the program, including the opportunity for demonstrations for different disciplines (such as roping, barrel racing, race track, dressage, hunter/jumper - depending on program location).

Advance Preparation:

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