ESE1 05.20-23.20 DEN

ESE1: CranioSacral Therapy: EcoSomatics Equine 1
ESE1 May 20-23, 2020 Denver, Colorado



This 4 day class provides an opportunity for CranioSacral Therapists to develop and expand their non-verbal dialoguing skills through the exploration of inter-species communication. Therapists learn to listen with their hands, their hearts, and their inner wisdom.

Course content includes introduction to equine anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics, as well as CranioSacral techniques for horses. Theory and practical application is included.

Participants receive lectures in the mornings, with afternoon practice sessions entirely on horses. Course syllabus also includes: CranioSacral Rhythm, Listening Stations, Tissue Release, Safety, Diaphragms, Cranial Vault anatomy and techniques, Equine Behavior, Energy and Awareness, Musculoskeletal System, Dural Tube, TMJ, Scapula, Sacrosciatic Ligament, and more.

Advance Preparation:

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