Fascial and Membrane Technique: Cranium, Jaw and Cervical Region (FMTC)

Prerequisite: FMTT or FMTE

Fascial and Membrane Technique: Cranium, Jaw, and Cervical Region (FMTC)

FMTC focuses on the relationship between the container construction of the cranium/cervical region and the intracranial system. This relationship is also examined for its connections to the cavities of thorax, abdomen and pelvis. Special attention will be given to the inner bridge of the neurocranium and viscerocranium. Anatomical relationships, evaluation and treatment for the following areas will be discussed: hypertonic and hypotonic structures around the TMJ; motion restriction and instability within the cervical spine; and specific applications for whiplash. The cranio-mandibular region will be analyzed in relation to global movement restrictions, and treatment strategies presented for hyper-mobile joints.

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