Healing From the Core: Advanced Energy Dynamics and Applications 3 (HFAE3)

Prerequisite: Advanced Energy Dynamics and Applications 2 (HFAE2). Due to the advanced nature of this work, pre-approval through the Healing from the Core office is required for all participants. An individual session with Suzanne, either by phone or in person, is required prior to class.  Contact Suzanne directly at or 703.620.4509 for pre-approval and to set up your session. The fee for this session is subject to change, and payable directly to her office.
Healing from the Core: Advanced Energy Dynamics and Applications 3 (HFAE3):

Want your deeper sense of presence to be automatic and naturally available?

Curious about working more effectively with trauma survivors?

Desire expert mentoring in being fully present for yourself and others?

Want to join with other advanced students for quality time together?

Would you like longer practice time to refine and grow your skills?

If your answer is yes, join us for this powerful workshop that integrates all the skills previously taught in this series along with new protocols for refining your navigational system. Come experience extended time and mentoring for hands-on work.

Explore the key components for effectively treating trauma. You will have the opportunity to integrate how you listen, respond and connect to others in the face of trauma. Learn how to “feel” those connections and how it affects your presence. Experience in depth sessions that allow you to deeply receive in a safe nurturing environment.

Your presence forms a resonating field that bridges body-mind awareness. This workshop teaches you how to grow that connection as the facilitator - to have the steadiness and clarity to witness that deep informing and how to act on it.

The advanced nature of this workshop requires a deeper understanding of projection and shadow. It is vital that as facilitators, we don’t project onto our clients how healing can or should occur. We will explore the actual steps   to “meet” your clients with as little judgment as possible – no matter what the story or circumstance.

Join us for this cutting edge, life-changing experience...