Healing From the Core: Continuum and the Healing Process (HFCH)

Prerequisite:This course is designed for healthcare practitioners of all levels as well as anyone wanting to learn about using Continuum in a healing way. The only prerequisite is that you know how to touch non-invasively.
Healing from the Core: Continuum and the Healing Process (HFCH):

In their fifteenth year of cutting-edge collaboration between the movement world of Continuum and the hands-on world of CranioSacral therapy, Emilie Conrad and Suzanne Scurlock-Durana continue to pursue the vastness of the human experience.

This year we will explore the implications of "being on the same wave length” – shared resonance - which implies a circumstance of interpenetrating mutuality. Using breath, movement, sound, touch and conscious awareness to be on the same wave length with the natural, healthy resonance of our cells creates an opportunity – a doorway – to biological innovation and better health and resilience.

Science has found a way to reverse the time-space of cellular life, returning it to its original embryonic field – our own naturally occurring stem cells.We have every capability to do this ourselves by slowing down and deeply experiencing wave motion, in order to shift our own internal time-space continuum.

Building on the 2010 workshop where we explored the recent research and understanding of the functions of glial cells - astrocytes and mitochondria – we will extend our experience, pushing the envelope of discovery even further into our very cells. Ultimate health must begin in the cells and so we journey into our inner most structures to build a strong foundation for meeting the stressors of life.

Coupling non-invasive touch – bodywork in the CranioSacral tradition, with Continuum’s cellular movement creates a sea of potency to be found nowhere else.

Emilie and Suzanne discovered a number of years ago that Continuum movement, breath and sound provide an inner stimulus that ignites the CranioSacral system and significantly enhances treatment outcomes. It creates more fluidity and opens inner doorways not possible with CranioSacral therapy alone. Further, they realized that the specificity, and yet non-invasive, nature of CranioSacral touch vastly increases the healing outcome of any Continuum session. In doing so, the resilience of each person's system is greatly enhanced as well as the quality of life and consciousness that is more readily available.