ZBKS2 12.15-16.19 MILLV

ZBKS2: Zero Balancing: Kinesthetic Signatures 2
ZBKS2 December 15-16, 2019 Mill Valley, California



Kinesthetic Signatures 2: The Language of Touch continues to explore and further develop facility with kinesthetic awareness and attention in touch. The class focuses the student on what one feels in one’s hands, while also increasing awareness of all the tools we use to monitor the energetic responses in our clients (e.g. working signs, internal feedback signals). Previously learned kinesthetic signatures are deepened and advanced while new signatures are introduced.

Kinesthetic Signatures 2: The Language of Touch can provide an answer to those often asked questions: How much structure should I use? How much traction should I use? What would feel good? How can I connect deeply without using a lot of structure? How do I know my alchemical fulcrum has worked? Did I really open a window?

There’s a signature for that!!

You Will Learn:

-To apply your ability to feel kinesthetic signatures throughout your ZBs, thus improving the ease, power and depth of your sessions.
-To switch your attention between signatures during a single fulcrum.
-To find and feel the kinesthetic signatures for:
-The vibration of the energy body
-The vibration of the structural body
-Amplified and/or expanded fields
-To connect more deeply with the energy body without increasing the structure.
-To recognize and understand the energetic responses of your client during a ZB session on deeper levels.

Advance Preparation:
You may enjoy reading Life in the Bones; A Biography of Dr. Fritz Smith and Zero Balancing By David Lauterstein, Cert. ZB, LMT, published fall, 2017, and available at

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