Neural Manipulation 5: Central and Peripheral Connections (NM5)

Prerequisite: Neural Manipulation: Brain and Cranial Nerves (NM4)

Neural Manipulation 5: Central and Peripheral Connections (NM5)

Neural Manipulation of the Central and Peripheral Connections (NM5) offers the most recent advancements in this body of work and expands on concepts and application of NM.

Neural Manipulation 5 (NM5) continues to build on the techniques presented and practiced in the previous Neural Manipulation (NM1-4) seminars. After incorporating these skills and techniques that you have already studied into your practice, you can attest to the notion that there are more beautiful subtleties still to discover.

In NM5 you will expand on those areas, and elaborate on many parts of the nervous system. Some topics and practicum covered include the olfactory nerve, new notions about the vagus nerve and the pudendal nerve.

Course Highlights

  • Explore in more detail the anatomy and function of Cranial Nerves, and Brain and Peripheral Nerves
  • Study the Trigeminal nerve/Mandibular Nerve, and relationships with the TMJ, Hypoglossal Nerve and Lingual Nerve
  • New notions about the Vagus Nerve
  • Vestibulocochlear Nerve
  • Treatment of the Olfactory Nerve and Vomeronasal organ
  • Discover the mechanics of conus medularis - cauda equina and Filum Terminale
  • Study and treatment of the Pudendal Nerve and Coccygeal Nerves
  • According to the time left : In-depth exploration of the Suboccipital Nerves, Obturator Nerve, Musculocutaneous Nerve, Long Thoracic Nerve and Phrenic Nerve

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