MAUE 04.17-19.20 POR

MAUE: Manual Articular Approach: Upper Extremity
MAUE April 17-19, 2020 Portland, Oregon



In this course, you will examine the nerves of each joint, along with the arteries, meniscus, ligaments, capsule attachments and folds. During the program you will work with soft tissue mobilization of the associated bones, while looking at direct and indirect relationships between the bones of the body.

This course does not have any formal course pre-requisites, however having prior knowledge in the principles of listening will enhance your learning experience. Attending Visceral Manipulation: Abdomen 1 (VM1), Neural Manipulation: Neuromeningeal Manipulation; An Integrative Approach to Trauma (NM1) or Visceral Manipulation: Listening Techniques; An Integrative Approach to Evaluation (LT) will provide you with this information. Please call us for course availability and schedules.

We are planning to video the entire course, and to make available on DVD as a review for course participants at some point in the future. If you are hoping to be a demo during the course, please be aware that we will request that you sign a video release. Additionally, please plan on appropriate garments knowing they may be projected on an ongoing basis to those who purchase the DVDs, as well as use for educational purposes via other means, including the internet.

Advance Preparation:
Read: Manual Therapy for the Peripheral Nerves and New Manual Articular Approach: Upper Extremity available at

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