BTD23 04.22-23.23 VIRTUAL

Upledger's Beyond the Dura Exploration & Research Conference
BTD23 April 22-23, 2023 Virtual Eastern Time (Miami)

We look forward to this exciting conference!

Join us online for the International Upledger Beyond the Dura Exploration & Research Conference. 2023's virtual conference promises to be a fascinating expansion of ideas and practical applications for CST.

Plan to be with us as we carry on the groundbreaking work and legacy of Dr. John E. Upledger with compelling research and thought-provoking presentations by renowned colleagues who share your commitment and passion for helping your clients.

We are honored and excited to present two internationally-acclaimed researchers as our Keynote Speakers.

Dr. Stephen Porges - Developer of the Polyvagal Theory

Dr. Gerald Pollack - Developer of The Fourth Phase of Water

Our Keynote Speakers will share their on-going research and the exciting implications for the manual therapy field.

We will be introducing our Full Line-up of BTD23 Speakers in the near future, and will also be sharing updates via our Facebook Page at

Advance Preparation:
No advance study required, come prepared to celebrate and enhance your CST understanding.

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