CSP1-VR Virtual Review June 13, 2020

CSP1-VR: CranioSacral Therapy for Pediatrics 1 Virtual Review
CSP1-VR Virtual Review June 13, 2020


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In the CSP1 virtual review, we will discuss meeting the child where they are, as well as the family dynamic and empowering the parents and child. We will review the three aspects of The Neurology of Behavior and Stress in the child especially during present times. We will review self-help techniques for the child and have time for Q&A about some of your clinical patients as well.

Program highlights:
The importance of feeling safe
The child as self directed
Meeting them where they are - understanding on a developmental continuum
Reasoning behind modifications in evaluation and treatment
Working with the family to facilitate the child’s eco system
SER with children, dialoguing
Completion of the biological process
Neurology behind behavior
Common problems from a CST Perspective

Our intention at this time is to plan to record this program. When the recording is complete and available (could be several months), you will have the ability to watch this recording for approximately 1 year from the time it is uploaded.

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