DHFC: Distance Healing From the Core (DHFC)

DHFC: Distance Healing From the Core (DHFC)



Prerequisite: No prior course attendance required

Course Highlights

In this online LIVE + recorded training, you will ...

~Learn how to explain to your clients how a distance-healing session works so they relax into it.
~Take away word-for-word SCRIPTS that tell you exactly what to say ... and when to say it.
~Discover the most effective way to start a session ... even when that's different from client to client.
~Find out how to hold an empowered healing space that does most of the work for you.
~Practice integrating your 6 Wisdom Areas ... so you can help clients integrate theirs. Even while you're working at the cellular level and meeting any resistance they may have.
~Learn how to deepen each session to bring clarity, ease, profound healing and relaxation to the places your clients need most.
~Find out the best ways to wrap up your sessions in a timely manner with integrity — helping your clients get closure with tools they can use to resource themselves.
~Take away techniques to set up your next session in a graceful way that leaves your clients feeling grateful and well cared for.

By the end of your training, you'll have the tools you need to:

~Calm anxiety-ridden situations — even when your clients can’t see the way out themselves.
~Clarify your clients’ best next steps. So instead of feeling confused and overwhelmed, they’re calm, cool and relaxed.
~Awaken the body’s innate healing wisdom. So it naturally organizes to fight any health challenge … whether it’s physical, mental or emotional.
~Help your clients prepare for surgery. So the body can optimize all its systems because it knows exactly what’s coming.
~Make better headway post-surgery — helping your clients off-gas anesthesia and speed up the healing process.
~Help your clients in thousands of other ways RIGHT NOW when they desperately need it.

Class Preparation

No advance preparation needed.


Handout materials will be provided via online access.

Cancellation Policy

Contact Healing From the Core at

Meeting Site

Your Personal Space


Time 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern.
Two 3-Day Weekends (Friday-Sunday, December 4 - 6 and December 11 - 13):
- The first 3-Day Weekend is LIVE training.
- The second 3-Day Weekend is PRE-RECORDED training and will begin and end with a LIVE connection with Suzanne 30 minutes before and after your regular training. The second 3-Day Weekend will still include LIVE Breakout Sessions for practice and feedback from a trained practitioner of Distance Healing From the Core®.


100% online via Zoom. No fancy outfits or makeup necessary!



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