EB1-MS-V 05.06-08 & 13-15.21 VIRTUAL

EB1-MS: Energetic Balancing 1: Musculoskeletal System
EB1-MS-V May 6-8 & 13-15, 2021 Virtual Eastern Time (Miami)


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Energetic Balancing (EB) is a course curriculum specifically developed by Dr. Kerry D’Ambrogio DOM, AP, PT, DO- MTP to bridge the gap between bodywork and energy medicine. EB integrates manual therapy and energetic techniques to relieve tension in the energetic system affecting the core level of physical dysfunction locally and throughout the body.

Over time, our body tissues not only accumulate stress patterns of physical tension (poor ergonomics, trauma, surgery, sports injuries, car accidents, falls, etc.), but also unresolved energetic stress patterns from emotional tension (unsettled emotions, trauma, fears, phobias), mental tension (thoughts, beliefs), and consciousness. Unless released, these unresolved energetic stress patterns can alter physiology and create energetic lesions that eventually lead to dysfunction and disease.

EB releases these unresolved acute and chronic energetic stress patterns to balance the energetic system, improve physiology/function, and achieve overall health and homeostasis.

Energetic Balancing Musculoskeletal (EB1-MS) introduces the fundamental philosophy and principles of EB. Participants will learn how to dialogue with the body, how to navigate through the Treatment Application Chart, and how to evaluate and treat dysfunction at the physical level. Specific treatments will focus on Local Energetic Lesions in the musculoskeletal system, specifically fasciae (superficial, deep, and meningeal), musculotendons, bones, joints/sutures, and foreign objects in a single location.

EB1-MS Virtual Class Testimonial:

"Dr. D'Ambrogio astounded our class of health practitioners. We had people who had been stuck with joint immobility for decades. Within minutes of gentle manipulations and hologram work, their bodies found way more freedom in movement! His super effective techniques are so easy to learn. They've helped so many people, worldwide!" - B.V., Canada

Advance Preparation:
Having anatomy books or apps as references available may help as we will be working with the energy fields of muscles, bones, joints of the upper and lower extremities, spine, thorax and the cranium. We will also work with the dural tube.

There are 2 good apps Kerry D’Ambrogio uses - Essential anatomy and 3D Visual Body.

As you prepare to attend class, we encourage you to enjoy a video from developer Kerry D'Ambrogio about the Principles of Practice you will be discussing in class., and to please review the musculoskeletal anatomy of the human body. This includes fasciae (superficial, deep, and meningeal), musculotendons, bones, articulations, and types of foreign objects used in musculoskeletal surgical procedures.

We will email the study guide to you in advance of the class.

If possible, and you are comfortable in your space doing so, you are welcome to invite someone to work on - more detail about the schedule for that will be forthcoming. We will be presenting other options if that is not appropriate in your circumstances.

Additionally, by attending this zoom program, you are then eligible to attend a physical EB1-MS class at a later date for just $250.00.

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