HFRR: Healing From the Core: Release and Renewal (HFRR)

HFRR: Healing From the Core: Release and Renewal (HFRR)



Healing From the Core: Grounding and Healthy Boundaries (HFFBP) is recommended but no longer required. Feel free to bring friends, family and colleagues with you to this spectacular course.

Course Highlights

By working with our right and left brains, the sacred and the linear, we will be opening to what it takes to create effective, powerful change in your life and to sustain it.

This time of release and renewal is also an excellent opportunity to celebrate life and its fullness, which we will do!

Class Preparation

To help you prepare for this course, it is recommended that you read:
Full Body Presence, available at and Reclaiming Your Body, available at
and listen to:
the Healing from the Core: Release and Renewal (2-CD audio set) by Suzanne Scurlock-Durana CST-D, CMT, available at

In addition to the required reading/listening, please review the Preparation Materials available at

If you would like to schedule an optional session with Suzanne, please email or call 703-620.4509.


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