SER Supervision Oct 13, Oct 27,Nov 10, Nov 24, 2020

TWT: Tuesdays with Teacher
TWT SER Supervision Oct 13, Oct 27,Nov 10, Nov 24, 2020


Ridge Rebecca

Tuesdays with Teacher program features focused attention on specific curriculum or clinical application subtleties. This 4 session series is designed for SER1 or SER2 alumni.

Maybe you’re feeling you need more help with clients, where to take the dialogue, how to build a therapeutic relationship, how to pace a session and when is enough, enough. This program was created as students often ask themselves, “What do I do now? I am stuck with the dialogue. When do I introduce an inner physician? I do not have enough skills to feel confident yet and or I’m scared or worried I’ll not be helpful enough to my clients”. This program provides guidance and support, in a intimate group, from the comfort of your own space.

Rebecca M. Ridge PhD, (SER1 instructor) will host this 4 session supervision group to work with your client issues as well as your own issues that have been brought up while you work with clients.You will receive personal and group support that will enrich your practice, build confidence and help you stay present in your sessions. You will explore transference and countertransference concerns and continue support after the classes have ended. Feel empowered with safe, confidential and compassionate learning, in a group of just 4-6 participants.

Advance Preparation:
Review your SER1 study guide, and have it available during the program dates.

Make a note of questions during your sessions and bring those notes to the group. If you have personal treatment, you are also welcome to bring your comments and thoughts about your personal work.

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