Online Learning Opportunities

We are pleased to offer educational opportunities in the comfort of your own personal space.    1-hour to multi-day opportunities for virtual learning.
Some are free and others are for-pay.

"Just a quick note to say how impressed I am by IAHE's online response to the pandemic. The Zoom class was amazing. The way our large group was divided into smaller groups with TA's first thing in the morning was helpful, and the self-exploration and treatment worked beautifully."

"Loved the fact that the PowerPoint presentations were literally right in my lap"

"I think this is a great way to still allow us to learn, even with the current crisis in the world."

"I was wondering how an online class with such a hands-on approach would be, but (the teacher) was a great teacher. And all the (Facilitator and Teaching Assistant's) support was really admirable. And I will join (the live class) once the lock down is over."

"...first-class organizers. The speed at which they have adapted to the times is equally impressive. The online formats both free and paid are purposeful and have a place for clinicians. A bonus is that you are blessed with exposure to other instructors you may have never heard in the traditional format/structure. A million thanks!"

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Online Learning Programs and Workshops