AVMHC 07.19-21.19 MEM

AVMHC: Advanced Visceral Manipulation: Physiological and Neuroendocrine Effects of Soft Tissue Treatment and Clinical Applications
AVMHC July 19-21, 2019 Memphis, Tennessee

Visceral Manipulation affects the mobility and motility of the organs. It also affects the vascular, nervous, emotional, immune, and neuroendocrine stimulation systems. In this advanced seminar, we will study how very precise Visceral Manipulation techniques facilitate local and central neuroendocrine reactions.

Visceral Manipulation techniques activate through the vagus nerve and the sympathetic plexuses, and the hypothalamus responds. Most of the central effects follow the local mechanoreceptor stimulations. For example, when food is ingested it creates local dilations in the organs, which stimulate the local nervous fibers that then cause the brain to react. In this seminar, you will learn the precise visceral localizations that facilitate the best central responses. You will also see how to manipulate the vagus nerve—a key connection between the organs and the brain.

Course Highlights:

Improve your manual therapy techniques.

  • Learn how organs facilitate local and central neuroendocrine reactions.
  • See how and where to facilitate the best central reactions from specific visceral localizations.
  • Learn how to manipulate the vagus nerve, which connects the organs to the brain.


With 40 years of experience working in Visceral Manipulation Jean-Pierre Barral has now refined and created new techniques in visceral manipulation. This seminar is designed to improve your hand sensitivity and increase your manual therapy skills.

Advance Preparation:
Gail Wetzler, Barral Institute Curriculum Director, attended the AVMHC class in 2017. She highly suggests the following 3-Part DVD Series as advanced study for attending AMVHC. She found them to be very well done and extremely valuable to her study in this class.

Advanced Visceral Manipulation 3-Part DVD Series

Visceral Manipulation – Neuroendocrine Effects 3-Part DVD Series

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