Process Acupressure 1A: Gateway to Soul (PA1A)

Prerequisite: This is a foundation level workshop with no prerequisites. The coursework is designed for professional healthcare practitioners and/or students in healthcare programs, or awaiting licensure/accreditation.
Process Acupressure 1A: Gateway to Soul (PA1A):

Process Acupressure 1A: Gateway to Soul uses the basic PA whole-body acupressure protocol learned in CA1 or Intro to Soul Lightening Acupressure. Fundamental psycho-spiritual process skills are taught for working with the body and consciousness simultaneously as data arises from the body during bodywork. Our objective is to derive meaning and purpose from personal history and to find the soul as most valuable life guide. Introduces a model of the whole being--body. mind, emotions, soul--related to energy flow in the body. Teaches Chakra Tai Chi and consciousness related to the chakras.