Process Acupressure: Reclaiming the Magical Divine Inner Child (PARIC)

Prerequisite: Process Acupressure 1A: Gateway to the Soul (PA1A) and Process Acupressure 1B: Progressing Process (PA1B).
Process Acupressure: Reclaiming the Magical Divine Inner Child (PARIC):

In this class our principal focus will be on uncovering, embracing and empowering the magical/Divine child who first arrived here whole and connected to the cosmos. That child was soul-infused and contained everything needed to fulfill its destiny. But as our work has shown us, later influences, such as family, education and society could have seriously interfered or even suppressed, the soul's original destiny.

For over a century Western psychology has focused on the misguided or wounded child as the foundation of personality. That work served to awaken consciousness to the debilitating effects that early grievous hurts could have on adulthood function. The first natural response to that awareness was one of healing as we learned that almost all inner children are wounded. Soul Lightening's Inner Child Healing class addressed these wounds in very effective ways, through unconditional loving support, cognitive updating and reprogramming.

But once the child is liberated from most of the burdens of wounding (contemporary psychology has kept us trapped there for over a century) we can start recognizing what originally lay beneath conditioning, namely the awesome soul child who knew everything at a soul level. Seldom does anyone reach adulthood with this child intact. Psychology rarely studied the soul child, and parents hardly recognized its true nature.

Once accessed, this child has wondrous and magical powers, original creativity, and transcendent helpers. It has the capacity to travel in a cosmic playground. The soul child needs recognition, encouragement of her own true nature, talents and creativity. That child must also recognize the demands it has made upon itself for the present incarnation. It needs challenges to live UP (through all the chakra stages) to its full potential, and put away victimhood forever. As many of us are learning in this extraordinary time, powerful challenges can help us to break through the last defenses, shields and inadequacies that have impeded our growth for so long. Challenges help us realize how powerful we actually are and elicit our soul resources to triumph over them.

Join us in this journey beyond healing to mastery.