Process Acupressure for Anyone (PAA)

Prerequisite: Anyone, irrespective of bodywork background, from ages 10 to 90, can benefit from the class, and it can also be useful for the healthcare professional who wants to include acupressure with other modalities.
Process Acupressure for Anyone (PAA):

Acupressure is a method of touching the body on specific acupoints, the same ones used in acupuncture, to promote holistic wellness. This ancient healing method, which predates acupuncture, has been practiced therapeutically for over 4000 years in Asia. In the current health revolution it is being used in holistic clinics and hospitals as a complementary modality.

Acupressure for Anyone (a 4-day class) teaches you simple but profoundly effective ways to apply acupressure principles and points to the clothed body. You will learn a gentle, precise and effective method to touch the body in a clean, clear way. You will learn how to easily work on yourself alone or with friends and family. You will be introduced to the SEVA (Sanscrit for selfless service) protocol which was designed after 9/11 to help with the shock and stress of emergency helpers at Ground Zero. It was so effective that it has since been taught around the world for stress relief in hospitals, hospices, clinics, from university students to Indian fabric dyers. This is a valuable method for addressing the stresses, strains and common problems that affect every individual and family.