Skill Enhancement Programs - Visceral Manipulation

Prerequisite: Varies - see individual listings.

Skill Enhancement Programs- Visceral Manipulation

These programs offer support to students in the implementation of visceral manipulation techniques and concepts into a clinical practice. It may assist participants in preparation for a Visceral Manipulation Certification exam as well.

These programs will focus on how to refine palpation skills, and help bring and utilize the skill set into a clinical practice.

Course Review; On-Line Study Group (CR-OL-VM3, CR-OL-VM4)
Self-paced,online Visceral Manipulation study group developed by Dr. Ron Mariotti. An excellent way to deepen your understanding and integration of Jean-Pierre Barral’s Visceral Manipulation.

VM1 Boot Camp for Your Hands (VM1BC-1, VM1BC-2, VM1BC-3)
Students will be repeating standing position, hand position, loading techniques and retesting techniques. Each technique has been broken down into multiple parts and each part will be practiced until your hands have memorized the feel of that movement. Students will have extensive one-on-one mentoring by the teacher with the focus on the students’ hands with the VM1 techniques - each of the 3 Boot Camps focuses on specific organs covered in VM1.

Testimonials from VM1BC-1, May 2017

"Nothing compares (to this boot camp) - this is like semi-private tutoring."

"The two days was well worth the 8 hour 1 way trip! I feel much more confident."