Skill Enhancement Programs - Visceral Manipulation

Prerequisite: Varies - see individual listings.

Skill Enhancement Programs

These programs offer support to students in the implementation of Visceral Manipulation techniques and concepts into a clinical practice, as well as other supporting modalities. It may assist participants in preparation for a Visceral Manipulation Certification exam, as well.

These programs will focus on how to refine palpation skills, and help bring and utilize the skill set into a clinical practice.

Fascial Decoding 1 and 2 with Serge Paoletti, DO (UK) 

(FD1, FD2)

Fascia can be considered as the structure that connects all manual therapy techniques. Fascia is currently the subject of numerous studies, which demonstrate all of its subtleties, and perhaps lead us to change our concept of the functioning of the human body. Recent studies show that the support for the acupuncture meridians is none other than the fascia. Interest in the water contained in the fascias has also brought forth interesting data and the studies on the interstitium are also very promising.

During this 2-part seminar series, you will decode the implications of fascias in the complex functioning of the human body and integrate them into your daily practice. This hands-on series will enable you to have a new vision of dysfunctional patterns, a better understanding of the patient, and consequently, a more effective treatment outcome.

Fascial Decoding 1 includes the understanding how this complex system works. This includes a review or embryology, anatomy, pathology, and the mechanics of the fascias, followed by practical and clinical applications. This class allows us to establish the basis of fascial treatment according to a system of tensegrity.

Fascial Decoding 2 allows us to approach fascias in their most subtle aspects through electromagnetism, epigenetism, the dating of injuries, the medicine of intention, and the notions of quantum medicine. We will see that through the fascial chains, we can access the energy system.

Note:  Jean-Pierre Barral has asked Serge Paoletti to bring these courses to the U.S., as Paoletti's work blends beautifully with Barral's.  

VM1 Boot Camp for Your Hands with Brandi Kirk, PT, PRPC, CVTP

(VM1BC-1, VM1BC-2, VM1BC-3)

Students will be repeating standing position, hand position, loading techniques and retesting techniques. Each technique has been broken down into multiple parts and each part will be practiced until your hands have memorized the feel of that movement. Students will have extensive one-on-one mentoring by the teacher with the focus on the students’ hands with the VM1 techniques - each of the 3 Boot Camps focuses on specific organs covered in VM1.

Testimonials from Boot Camp

"Nothing compares (to this boot camp) - this is like semi-private tutoring."

"The two days was well worth the 8 hour 1 way trip! I feel much more confident."

"VMBC is an excellent opportunity to retrain the hands and brains of practitioners who started in other hands-on professions. My sense of touch has grown exponentially given taking VM1 and I was surprised (& pleased) that it has grown after 2 days of VM Boot Camp. Bravo!"

"VM bootcamp helped me be able to find restrictions in the specific areas. I tend to second guess myself with what I am feeling but realizing and learning to not question myself and my findings and built my confidence."

"A must take class for every visceral therapist. A great opportunity to improve confidence in palpation and technique."