CR-OL-VM4: Course Review; On-Line VM4 Study Group


Self-paced, online Visceral Manipulation study group developed by Dr. Ron Mariotti. An excellent way to deepen your understanding and integration of Jean-Pierre Barral’s Visceral Manipulation.

Jean-Pierre Barral, D.O., MRO(F), Developer of Visceral Manipulation shares:

"Ron Mariotti has been a devoted student of mine for the past 25 years. It has been a pleasure to watch him grow into an excellent manual therapist and an engaging teacher of my work. I am proud that he is an important part of my teaching team. It is with great pleasure that I highly recommend his online VM study group to any student of mine, no matter how long they have been studying my work. You will find it engaging, methodical, and true to my vision for this work. His attention to detail and faithful devotion to the purity of visceral manipulation, in all of it’s aspects (neural, vascular, articular) is encouraging to me as the developer of this work. If you truly want to excel in this work the online study group will help you get there."

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Pre-requisites - Visceral Manipulation 4 and Listening Techniques 1

The study group includes six modules… each containing

  • An organ / tissue specific lesson…based on Dr. Mariotti’s upcoming books.  As subscribers, you have access to all updates as they happen…even after the hardback volume is published!
  • Guided layered palpation audio (visceral meditation) for each month’s organ / tissue.
  • Review of one exciting reference article chosen by Dr. Mariotti for each month's relevant organ / tissue….plus a few more.
  • Multiple-choice quiz covering the reading assignments.

“Wow, this study group has increased my skills as a therapist. I have a more detailed visual of the anatomy thus improving my palpation and listening skills, and also more information about the tissue relationships. Excellent presentation of material!”  - Donna W. 

“I believe my effectiveness as a therapist is directly related to my understanding of the visceral anatomy, motility, and mobility relationships. Ron has delivered a program that puts this material in my head and my hands.”    - Lucy B.

Benefits of being involved in this exciting new VM study group format?

  • Greater precision in your manual therapy practice and greater benefit to your patients
  • Enhance palpation skills with guided layered palpation/visualization of each organ
  • Current research article reviewed and related to VM
  • Participate from home and on your own schedule
  •  Help with writing up solid, evidence-based case reports
  • First line access to register for 3-day hands-on group experience

Go to to find out more details about the Professional and Practitioner levels.

Sponsor: Ron Mariotti ND, BI-D
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