VM1BC-1 03.21-22.20 CHI

VM1BC-1: VM1 Boot Camp for Your Hands: Part 1; Abdominal Sphincters, Liver and Stomach
VM1BC-1 March 21-22, 2020 Chicago, Illinois



The series reflects its name! Students will be repeating standing position, hand position, loading techniques and retesting techniques. Each technique has been broken down into multiple parts and each part will be practiced until students' hands have memorized the feel of that movement. VM1 has been broken into 3 Boot Camp For Your Hands workshops. There will not be any lecture. The focus is entirely on VM1 techniques and is limited to 10 students. Students will have extensive one-on-one mentoring by the teacher.

In this series the labs will be broken into 30 minutes for motility, 1-1.5 hours for mobility and 2 hours for abdominal sphincters. Students do not need to take all 3 VM1 Boot Camps. The classes do not build on each other, so you can also take them in any order. The teacher is committed to helping students learn these techniques to the point that they become as easy as breathing and makes it easier to have visceral manipulation become your first choice of treatment for your patients.

Course outline (subject to change)
Day 1
1. Welcome – 30 minutes
2. Abdominal Sphincters: find, test and treat all separated out and repeated – 2 hours
3. Liver Lift: demo, round robin – 1 hour
4. Liver Planes: demo, round robin – 1.5 hours
5. Liver Motility: demo, round robin – 1 hour

Day 2
1. Stomach transverse: demo, round robin – 1 hour
2. Stomach vertical: demo, round robin – 1 hour
3. Stomach lesser omentum: demo, round robin – 1 hour
4. Stomach gastric ptosis: demo, round robin – 1 hour
5. Stomach transverse/vertical: demo, round robin – 1 hour
6. Stomach motility: demo, round robin – 30 minutes
7. Stomach and Liver motility balancing: demo, round robin – 30 minutes
8. Closing – 15-30 minutes

NOTE: If you are pregnant or have any of the contraindications that were identified in VM1, please contact the instructor Brandi Kirk at as as soon as possible to discuss modifications necessary for your participation. ADVANCE PREPARATION may be needed for your attendance.

Advance Preparation:
Review the anatomy and techniques of the organs covered

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