SCB1 11.08-10.19 BA

SCB1 November 8-10, 2019 Buenos Aires, Argentina

IAHE Educational Services Liaison: Lincie McGuire

During this course we will see the most important fascial and peritoneal crossroads where nerves, arteries, veins and lymph canals have the risk to be compressed in case of retraction, fibrosity due to surgery, accidents, hormonal dysbalance, and systemic diseases.

Fascia and peritoneum are considered envelopes giving an immunological and mechanical protection to their contents. They allow a smooth sliding for the structures they surround. The fibers have very specific directions and logic according to their different mechanical roles. Fascia has more of a role of an electromagnetic wave driver and definitely a role for the nutritional elements that they encompass. At some levels, there are intersections of peritoneal and fascial fibers. In these areas, the peritoneal and fascial fibers are often naturally thicker. Sometimes following infectious or traumatic factors they become indurated. They can create real deleterious effects on the neurovascular and visceral systems. This seminar will enable you to identify the most exposed intersections, and release their tensions by specific and precise manual techniques.

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