The Body Alchemy of Relational NeuroScience: Recovery for the Wounded Healer (BARN2)

Prerequisite: The Body Alchemy of Relational NeuroScience: Treating Trauma and Abuse (BARN)
The Body Alchemy of Relational NeuroScience: Recovery for Wounded Healer (BARN2):

Developed by Rebecca Ridge, Ph.D., TEP, in this second developmental level of Body Alchemy Relational Neuroscience, (recovery for the wounded healer, stories of hope and faith) we will gently explore the cellular and embodied memories which hold the deep wounds of trauma, abuse and neglect. Therapists committed to this learning will venture forth on their own heroic journey in order to commit to the fire their old wounds and injuries that may be ready for clearing and release. Being a ‘wounded healer’ in recovery is recognized as a part of the alchemical process. This workshop will be an experiential tapestry of exploring deep story. Holding clear boundaries and learning to listen from your own compassionate heart to the meta story of your client will allow you to discover what they have lost and what is their core need. Listening at multi levels to what is stored within the intricate weave of the fascia’s fibrous shock absorbers, being able to follow with your hands and inner wisdom the connections between the molecular memory of a person’s suffering, the betrayals, the breaches of trust which have bound limiting and destructive beliefs into their body armor leaving seemingly indelible emotional scars. The alchemical shift comes when the nervous system is rewired, the limbic system is regulated and tissues become more fluid and mobile. This new foundation supports the body to rewire the brain and create a new life story.

We will add kindling to the alchemical fires through psychodramatic enactments that explore one’s old wounds while creating new scenarios of hope and resilience, expanding insight. Learning internally how to create at a connected heart level so that as therapists you are more prepared to hold the bigger picture for a client’s intentional healing. You will learn the intricacies of how to rebalance the reticular activating system, dialogue with the tissues, the heart and inner parts of the self. Co –creating with your client new scenarios that enable the client to recover their lost vitality, soften their scar memories and gain a new perspective that enables them to rewrite a more hope filled purpose for living fully.

Integrating Psychodrama with body-based warm-ups of yoga, body imagery, shiatsu and intrinsic movement stokes the alchemical fires with the embers of compassionate grace. Thus by softening the fascia, we will restore the flow of chi; reshaping the internal mental and emotional matrix which allows an organic process, healing one’s cellular memories.