TBS1 11.28-12.01.20 VAN

TBS1: The Brain Speaks 1: Listening to and Treating the Whole Brain with CranioSacral Therapy Techniques
TBS1 November 28-December 1, 2020 Vancouver, BC, Canada



This four-day workshop focuses on exploring and realizing the potential for communicating with another person's brain - its structural components and individual neurons. The concept is founded on the hypothesis that every organ, tissue and cell in a living being has its own consciousness. Participants will be guided into imagery and dialogue with specific brain and spinal cord parts and their functional units.

Advance Preparation:
To help you prepare and derive maximum benefit from the program, we recommend you read A Brain is Born by John. E. Upledger. DO, OMM, available at and bring a copy of Netter Anatomy: Atlas of Human Neuroscience by Frank Netter, MD.

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