Total Body Balancing 2-3 Intensive (TBB23I)

Prerequisite: Total Body Balancing 1: Fundamentals (TBB1) Live Seminar, and since class moves at a quick pace, it is recommended that you review TBB2 and TBB3 videos prior to attending, as well as take the TBB2 and TBB3 written exams.

Total Body Balancing 2-3 Intensive (TBB23I)

The TBB2-3 Intensive class reviews and expands upon the concepts and principles from TBB1, TBB2 and TBB3. In this class, we will further your understanding of the evaluation (ARTS) and integration of the TBB1-3 concepts and techniques.

TBB2 focuses on the ability to evaluate and treat the entire body in the side lying and sitting positions. This is a significant skill when working with patients who are unable to lie supine or prone. In TBB3, advanced long lever mobilization techniques will be taught in the side lying and sitting positions.


"Total Body Balancing is an incredible investment when it comes to building your practice and getting results. Total Body Balancing brings the principles of Classical Osteopathy to life in a format that allows manual therapists to create a customized and integrative treatment for each patient based on dynamic evaluation. Everyday in my practice I hear incredibly positive feedback and see amazing changes in my patients by utilizing this simple but profoundly effective approach to supporting the body in its ability to heal."

T. Clark, Student of Classical Osteopathy, MOT, Canadian Academy of Osteopathy