TBE2 12.13-16.18 PB

TBE2: Total Body Energetics 2
TBE2 December 13-16, 2018 Palm Beach, Florida



TBE2 will review key concepts and principles covered in TBE1 and offer new distinction. Level 1 addressed the physical aspect of the Total Body Lesion by focusing on the musculoskeletal system. TBE2 will expand on the physical aspect by introducing treatment of the supporting network behind the musculoskeletal system such as the organs, endocrines, sense organs, nerves, arteries, veins and lymphatics. TBE2 will also expand on the Total Body Lesion by introducing the influence of the "charge" held in the tissues as a result of mental, emotional, behavioral (internal factors), and environmental triggers (external factors). Additions to the procedure chart allow you to identify and disperse this tension as a key part of the treatment process. This module honors the fact that the body is a dynamic unit of function (mind, body and spirit) by incorporating the influence of the mind on the physical body. These new concepts can also be integrated into the self-treatment introduced in TBE1.

Advance Preparation:
Please bring anatomy books or apps as references as we will be working with the energy fields of muscles, bones, joints of the upper and lower extremities, spine, thorax and the cranium. We will also work with the dural tube.

There are 2 good apps Kerry D’Amnrogio uses - Essential anatomy and 3D Visual Body.

As you prepare to attend class, please review a video from developer Kerry D'Ambrogio about the Principles of Practice you will be discussing in class.

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