UMAC-PRAX 10.06-09.22 PB

UMAC-PRAX: Unwinding Meridians: Applying Acupuncture Principles to CST: Praxis
UMAC-PRAX October 6-9, 2022 Palm Beach, Florida



Praxis may be defined as the process through which a theory or lesson, via active practice of the skills involved, becomes a lived experience. This course will provide an in-depth, in-person, hands-on exploration of the skills and ideas taught in the Unwinding Meridians (UMAC) curriculum.

The primary focus of the Praxis class will be the development and refinement of palpation and treatment skills, allowing students to increase their ability to help their clients. Students will focus on enhancing the precision and specificity of their work, all under the supervision of the instructor. The course is designed to be a synthesis of theory and practice, and an exploration of the ongoing process of moving between the two.

This course will also build on the information and techniques covered in the Unwinding Meridians (UMAC) trainings. The class will take a deeper dive into materials from the prior trainings and cover the depths of perception as the student discovers more about the tissues, fluids and energies in and around the body throughout all time space, lifetimes, dimensions and universes.
Program intention is to enhance student confidence and application of techniques to release old traumas, enhance vitality and practice skills to promote health, longevity, and consciousness.

Advance Preparation:
Review any UMAC study guides for programs you have attended. You are welcome to bring questions from clinical application of that material.

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