UMAC1-V 11.19-22.20 VIRTUAL

UMAC1: Unwinding Meridians: Applying Acupuncture Principles to CST 1
UMAC1-V November 19-22, 2020 Virtual Central Time (Minneapolis)



This hands-on workshop teaches you how to utilize the points and pathways of acupuncture along with the energy, intention and wisdom of your own hands to enhance the effectiveness of CranioSacral Therapy. From the rich knowledge of Oriental medicine you can draw connections between the craniosacral system and organs, emotions, sounds, colors, tastes and much more. This dynamic workshop also offers options in verbal dialoguing to enhance energy flow.

In this virtual program, from the comfort of your own computer you will be able to expand and deepen your perception and interactions with the subtle energies of the body and the field around it.

You have the option of having someone with you to practice on or work with a student in a virtual room to expand your quantum touch.

Just as you can palpate and balance the bones of the skull and unwind the body on many levels, UMAC will add another dimension to your practice in relation to the vast scope and breadth of Oriental Medicine. We will go through how to sense and balance the cranial rhythm of the meridians (energy pathways in the body) on and around the body.

YOU WILL BE PROVIDED THE ON-LINE ACCESS INFORMATION 5-6 DAYS PRIOR TO THE COURSE. Please respect the integrity of the work and the program, and the privacy of participants and presenter/s. No still or video screen captures are permitted during this program.

Advance Preparation:
Have available any acupuncture meridian charts you may have for reference - something you can refer to for locations. We carry a wall chart of the meridians and folding charts of the meridians which would be easy to use with the study guide, available at

Also, familiarize yourself with the pathways of the 12 main meridians. There is a YouTube video under Ken Koles Unwinding Meridians of tracing the meridians and Horse stance holding ball. The first 5 minutes are a standing meditation, and then Ken goes over the 12 main meridians. This is an easy way to go over the meridians on yourself in your own time.

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