UMAC4 09.29-10.02.22 PB

UMAC4: Unwinding Meridians 4: Applying Acupuncture Principles to CST
UMAC4 September 29-October 2, 2022 Palm Beach, Florida



UMAC4 is focused on enhancing the perceptive and therapeutic skills of the practitioner. New concepts will be introduced and practiced to expand the student’s perceptions of the energies, feelings and locations related to Oriental Medicine. Focus areas:
-Refining the practitioner's ability to more deeply and fully delve into the energetic substance of their clients on many levels
-Physical treatments for discs, DNA, mental clarity and longevity
-Mental practices for memory, concentration and
-On a more subtle level practices for dimensions and other times, spaces and places will be experienced

Energetic enhancement practices will be utilized daily to enhance the practitioner’s healing Qi.

Advance Preparation:

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