Unwinding Meridians: Applying Acupuncture Principles to CST 3 (UMAC3):

The third UMAC course will be Unwinding the Meridians from the microscopic crystalline structure of the bones to the Primordial Qi, at the ever expanding edge of the Universe. UMAC3 is an opportunity to learn and enhance your skills, understanding and results by opening and experiencing more fully to the original source (Yuan Qi) of our being and the inter-relatedness of all the energies of the Universe (The Cranial Sea).

Unwind the Meridians in relation to:

  • The meridians of the eyes
  • Reading the eyes
  • The meridians of the brain
  • The meridians of the scalp
  • The meridians of the 3 Tantiens
  • The meridians and the 13 cranial nerves
  • Bone balancing beyond the spine
  • A deeper merging of the cranial rhythm
  • Meridians and the systems of the body
  • Qi Bone Breathing for regulation of bones and nerves
  • The Divergent Channels for unresolved issues and unfulfilled life purpose
  • Zang fu twist of the organs
  • And more