Vagus Nerve and Autonomic Nervous System (VNANS)

Prerequisite: VM2 and NM1

Vagus Nerve and Autonomic Nervous System (VNANS)

Equilibration of the autonomic nervous system is necessary for the long-term treatment of visceral dysfunction and many other symptoms. Explore and develop a new insight into the autonomic nervous system in accordance with the polyvagal theory.

Course Highlights

  • Focus on the command and the regulation of the organs, as well as the 5 cranial nerves that belong to the social engagement system.
  • Gain a new understanding of the action of the cranial nerves, and a different and more precise semiology, as well as some new techniques.
  • Understand the functioning of the autonomic nervous system and its involvement in a very large number of symptoms and conditions encountered in clinical practice.
  • Master a clear, relevant and precise way to identify ANS imbalances and dysfunctions.
  • Learn powerful therapeutic tools to revive the functions of the autonomic nervous system as well as general homeostasis that are under the control of the new branch of the Vagus nerve.
  • Discover a new way to set up a treatment according to a hierarchy and a sequence which respects the unavoidable modes of operation of the autonomic nervous system and to be more armed in the management of chronic and psychosomatic diseases.

At the end of the seminar, you will have gained a wider understanding of health and its problems in order to accompany patients towards a better balance, as well as means for themselves to increase their own vitality and their energetic fields.