VM-ACA-TCP 11.18-20.19 LONDON

VM-ACA-TCP November 18-20, 2019 London, United Kingdom

IAHE Educational Services Liaison: Justin Vogl

The goal of this class, and more extensively, this series of 5 classes is to provide the practitioner with the following:

  • Increased understanding of the anatomical and physiological basis of Barral’s VM techniques. 

  • Detailed understanding of organ evolution, embryology, anatomy, and physiology.

  • Deeper understanding of organ/brain connections.

  • Detailed understanding of common presentations of visceral pathology seen in clinical practice.

  • Deeper understanding of organ connections via fascial, vascular, neural, hormonal, and chemical pathways.

  • Provide participants with a pathology-specific protocol based on organ-organ and organ-brain interconnections to optimize patient outcomes.

  • Provide participants with a detailed study guide to serve as a valuable resource guide.

Course Highlights:

     Learn about the historical and cultural beliefs around each organ discussed.

     Learn about the evolution of the human organ system focusing on structural and functional differences with other species.  

     Review embryology, anatomy and physiology of each organ, with particular focus on neurovascular and mechanical details relevant to organ function / dysfunction.

     Study the organ-brain connections.

     Enhance your understanding of visceral-neural-vascular connections to improve your application of JP Barral’s techniques. 

     Learn how to utilize listening techniques to increase treatment precision and optimized patient responses.

     Engage in proven listening drills to enhance your palpation and listening skills.

     Learn how to integrate Barral’s visceral manipulation techniques with his cutting edge approach to enhancing organ-brain integration for optimum patient outcomes.

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