VVMU 03.19-21.21 SEA

VVMU: Visceral Vascular Manipulation: Upper Body
VVMU March 19-21, 2021 Seattle, Washington



This course will review the anatomy and physiology of the vascular system of the upper body, particularly how arteries dilate or diminish in diameter depending on the function of the body and help you understand how compression along vascular structures creates restriction patterns and pain. You will observe demonstrations and practice how to locate and release restrictions along the vascular structures using direct techniques on the arteries like compression, decompression and elongation.

We are planning to video the entire course, and to make the demonstration portions of the class available on DVD as a review for course participants at some point in the future. If you are hoping to be a demo during the course, please be aware that we will request that you sign a video release. Additionally, please plan on appropriate garments knowing they may be projected on an ongoing basis to those who purchase the DVDs, as well as use for educational purposes via other means, including the internet.

Advance Preparation:
Read: Visceral Vascular Manipulations

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