Zero Balancing & Kids (ZBK)

Prerequisite: ZB2 and Secrets of the Skull
Zero Balancing & Kids (ZBK):

Zero Balancing & Kids is about children—from infants to late teens. We work with a focus on them as well as some of our own childhood experiences. Through this work we become more aware of the special issues children have. ZBKids helps you to bring ZB to children in a playful yet effective way. We learn how to approach children, respecting their boundaries while working with difficult issues. ZBKids will also help you learn how to work on moving targets. In addition, you will observe several demonstrations and we will bring children in for the class to work with on the third day.

You Will Learn:

  • About the development of children at different ages; focusing on the relationship of the fusing of bones to developmental issues
  • To remember your own childhood experiences as wisdom
  • Special cranial fulcrums from a ZB perspective, good for all ages
  • To increase your ease in working and connecting with children
  • More about having a good time
  • The value of recess, naps, stories and cookies