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Fascial and Membrane Technique

Peter Schwind Dr. phil., M.A.
244 Pages

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Fascial and Membrane Technique

The fascial and membrane technique developed by Peter Schwind combines the fundamental thoughts from Ida Rolf's Structural Integration with concepts of osteopathy, creating a successful combination of form-stabilizing and mobilizing techniques.

The book emphasizes diagnosis and treatment of the breathing patterns manifest in the myofascial system; minimalistic as well as global application joint techniques; visceral techniques in the myofascial context; special treatment techniques in the craniosacral area and care of the upper jaw.


  • Introduction
  • Basic principles
  • Principles of the treatment practice
  • Form related treatment techniques
  • Special joint techniques
  • Visceral techniques in the myofascial context
  • Treatment of the mandibular joint and the craniosacral system
  • Treatment of the fascial and membrane systems after whiplash injuries
  • Treatment after pregnancy and birth
  • Concluding remarks
  • Literature

Link to Book reviews by renowned fascia researcher Robert Schleip (Germany) and Monica Caspari (Brazil) - Book Review

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