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Video Recordings of Upledger's Beyond the Dura 2015 Conference
3 days of presentations that took place April 23-25, 2015
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Palpating the Immune System: Exciting New Developments in the Immune Response Curriculum
Presenter: Tim Hutton PhD, LMP, CST-D
Like all other aspects of the body, the immune system moves in response to the craniosacral rhythm. However, since the immune system consists of a loosely distributed network of cells and molecules, it behaves differently than other tissues. Learn how to palpate and interact with this unique system of the body and how to map and treat inflammation directly. Several new more-specialized immune classes that are currently being developed will also be discussed.

CST to the Wider World
Presenter: Kate Mackinnon PT, CST-D
Clinicians have a vital role to play in spreading the word of Craniosacral Therapy. When we engage the wider world we support our own sustainable, thriving clinical practices and facilitate a supportive network of fellow therapists. Discover how a connected network benefits current and future clients as well as therapists alike.

Upledger CranioSacral Therapy® at the Clinical Department of Neonatology in Graz Austria
Presenter: Rene Assink DO, PT, CST-D, BI-D
The role of the CST in this Clinic is to accompany "uncomplicated" preterm infants with all its problems and needs. CST in combination with neurophysiological treatment approaches shown to be very helpful in the treatment of Preterm infants with orthopaedic and neurological disorders. In the context of serial lumbar punctures by intraventricular haemorrhage, the CST has proven to be very useful. In this Lecture the daily work at the Clinical Department of Neonatology and two clinical studies are presented as follows. Study 1: The quality of spontaneous movements in preterm infants undergoing CranioSacral therapy Study 2: Comparison of the application of the CST and the Vojta therapy on the quality and quantity of spontaneous motor activity in preterm infants.

Autism from a Parent's Perspective
Presenter: Tami Goldstein, WLMT, CST
The doctor says Autism! A million dreams shattered at once. How I found help, where I started. What role did CST play initially and to help maintain functioning recovery? Why I continue to advocate and educate about Autism and CST as part of a multidisciplinary approach for recovery.

Autism Spectrum Disorder - Encephalopathy
Presenter: Susan Kratz, OTR, CST
The worldwide scope of Autism Spectrum Disorder is vastly changing in terms of etiology and biological understanding. Susan will bring forth and share the information which comes out of the professional network she works with daily - such as biological evidence, SPECT scan data, and brain biopsy literature. Ms. Kratz will also share data from a descriptive research project exploring the use of CST with Autism from the perspectives of therapists, parents, and clients who receive it.

Research and CranioSacral Therapy
Contributors include: Maria Eugenia Garcia Cifuentes PT, Thomas Rasmussen PhD, CST
As CranioSacral Therapy becomes more well known, it is important to develop and make available documentation that can help support it's credibility. Presenters will share how they have formatted and conducted information gathering events, and how they have shared, and how we can continue to do so.

Longevity Curriculum
Presented by Michael Morgan, CST-D

Brain Cleansing
Presenter: Tad Wanveer LMT, CST-D
This talk focuses on the mechanisms (glia and the craniosacral system) that control the removal of waste and toxic elements from the Central Nervous System, the glia-to-craniosacral system involvement in brain cleansing, and how CST may boost the cleansing process leading to improved brain structure and function.

Chronic Pain
Presenter: Tad Wanveer LMT, CST-D
The presentation will focus on the glial-neural cause of chronic pain, the glia-neural-craniosacral system interrelationship, and how CST can facilitate glial correction leading to resolution of chronic pain.

The Egyptian Twins 10 Years Later: Lives that Matter
Presenters: Ken Salyer MD and Sally Fryer PT, CST-D, SIPT Cert.

CranioSacral Therapy in a Medical Setting
Contributors include: Sheela Chokshi MD, Diego Maggio DO, Carol McLellan CMT, CST-D, Karyn Quraishy MSPT, Amy Rinkevich RN
CranioSacral Therapy is being more widely used in medical settings - hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and neonatal intensive care units. Presenters will share how the were able to integrate craniosacral therapy care into these areas.

CST, Neurotransmitters and Emotion
Presenter: Ken Koles Ph.D, LAc, DSc
Working with the bones of the cranium we have been able to influence the brains’ neurotransmitters and create lasting changes in our patients behavior, moods and thinking. Presented are simple approaches to access the working of the brain to balance and transform our clients physically, mentally, emotionally and more.

25 Years of Development – Upledger CranioSacral Therapy in Germany
Presenter: Gert Groot Landeweer PT, CST-D
Upledger CranioSacral Therapy made a remarkable development within its 25 years of practice and teaching although specific contents like the 10-step-protocol, working with energy cysts and SomatoEmotional Release kept their untouched place. In the lecture will be shown, what changes were needed to make, how different aspects evolved and how this astonishing treatment was integrated into a new osteopathic training.

Listening to the Second Brain - working with our Enteric Nervous System
Presenter: Nikki (Campbell) Kenward CST-D
We will take a closer look at the structure and function of the Second Brain. How can we better listen to its messages? How working with the Second Brain might provide a key to wider neurological issues. Towards new CST/SER applications to help the people that come to us including a mini hands on experience.

Review CST Mentor Program
Presented by Eric Moya, RMT, CST-D

Dr. John E. Upledger Foundation Update and Program Report
Contributors include: Suzanne Aderholt,OT,MOT,CST-D, Robert Boltuch DO, Tracey Etelson, Sally Fryer PT, CST-D, SIPT Cert., Markus Koch, Chas Perry PhD, CST-D, Kat Perry CST-D, Melinda Roland M.A., P.T., L.Ac., O.M.D., Dipl-Ac, CST-D, Mariann Sisco, PT, CST-D, John Matthew Upledger
The Dr. John E. Upledger Foundation and its supporting organization, The Upledger Institute International, Inc., have new initiatives in providing CranioSacral Therapy education and care. Therapists and administrators will share the development and current activity in several areas, including educational opportunities, research, autism and concussion and dolphin therapy programs.

Inspiration and Hope for the Future of Healthcare with CranioSacral Therapy
Presenter: Suzanne Scurlock Durana CMT, CST-D
As health care providers we are one of the few who still touch and make a deep connection with our patients and clients. We take the time with them. In doing this, and by our grounded presence, we convey a powerful message of health to our clients and patients. It is a message of inspiration and hope for the future of healthcare given what we know how to do. It challenges each of us to step up and expand our view of who we are – to dream big.


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