IAHP Auto Renew Annual Medallion Membership


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Grow Your Business with Help from Your IAHP

The IAHP - The International Association of Healthcare Practitioners is a professional network of more than 100,000 therapists who have taken continuing-education classes from IAHE and our affiliates.

It's also home of one of the world's premier online directories of bodyworkers which is accessible by the public 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. This allows for people in your town or region who are looking for a practitioner to find you easily and quickly.

As a graduate of any of the coursework offered through IAHE, you receive a complimentary membership in the IAHP. This entitles you to a basic listing in the online directory. But there is so much more you could be getting from your membership.

Free Class Reviews. Quarterly Newsletters.
Free Therapist Webpage Ad.

Now, when you enroll as a Medallion Member of the IAHP you'll gain access to people and information that you can use to promote your practice, grow your clientele, enhance your education and extend your network of like-minded therapists.

The New IAHP: New Benefits, New Opportunities

Now, a Medallion Membership in IAHP gives you all the best the association has to offer, plus:

  • Therapist Profile/Webpage. This is in addition to a Basic Listing in the IAHP directory. For an idea of how amazing this is for marketing your business, click on the Search Practitioners tab to the top left of this page. Put in any city, state, or zip code and click 'find'. You'll see the difference between a standard listing and a listing that has a link to a Therapist's Profile. The difference is getting YOU and your PRACTICE noticed.
  • Monthly Articles. We're providing CST and Visceral Manipulation articles to better expose you to new research, techniques and best practices, all to expand both your knowledge and your visibility to your patients.
  • Monthly Product Specials and Product Discounts. Medallion level members receive a 50% discount on Core Curriculum DVDs (produced by UI for Core Curriculum). Other product discounts are available and change on a monthly basis.
  • Support through Legislative and Community Efforts. The IAHP is a powerful network of professionals that represents your right to practice complementary care around the United States and the World. We work hard to protect your status as a professional; and the ability to offer alternative modalities.
  • Online Class Review Materials. As a Medallion level member you will have access to online review of many of the seminar types you've previously attended. 

And of course, you'll still enjoy the support of a powerful network of professionals who continue to represent your right to practice complementary care around the United States and the world.

And the Medallion Membership Fee?
Now Just $110 (USD) a Year with Auto Renewal

That's right. For about $2 a week you can gain membership to the all new IAHP. But hurry! The sooner you enroll, the sooner you can explore all that your new membership affords you.

$110.00 (USD)