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Neural Manipulation Certification


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Become Certified by Jean-Pierre Barral and the Barral Institute

Neural Manipulation Certification through the Barral Institute is much more than a credential. The NM Certification credential establishes you as a dedicated professional with the knowledge and skills to uphold high standards of excellence. NM Certification increases your networking and referral status, as your colleagues and potential clients see your commitment to excellence.

Synopsis: Earn your certification in Neural Manipulation from the Barral Institute - and assure patients your training comes straight from the source – Jean-Pierre Barral.

Certification Highlights:

  • Ensures a deep understanding of anatomy, physiology and Neural Manipulation Therapy techniques.
  • Helps preserve the right of qualified healthcare professionals to practice Neural Manipulation
  • Demonstrates your commitment to excellence and enhances your networking and referral status.
  • Paves the way to future healthcare legislation, licensing and insurance reimbursements.
  • Techniques Certification: Allows you to use the professional designation "CNM" in your title.


  1. Successfully complete the following seminars:
    • NM1
    • NM2
    • NM3
    • NM4
  2. Successfully complete a Techniques-level at-home objective exam for each class level.
  3. Submit five (5) case write-ups following the required format. View the format for the case write-ups.
  4. Successfully complete a practical/oral/written exam with a Certified BI Examiner that tests your ability to understand and apply NM techniques from class levels NM1-NM4.

To start your process to be a Certified Neural Manipulation practitioner:

After your completed application is reviewed and accepted, the written exams corresponding to the courses you have already attended will be emailed to you.

Note: Neural Manipulation Certification through the Barral Institute certifies a person’s abilities in Neural Manipulation (NM). Since certification does not provide a legal right to practice, a person must have the appropriate credential and/or license to practice manual therapy in their locale.

$600.00 (USD)