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Meet Tami Goldstein and her daughter, Heather

Tami's daughter, Heather, was diagnosed a month shy of her 13th birthday with High-Functioning Autism, Asperger's Syndrome and seizure disorder. She watched her daughter spiral out of control medically, behaviorally and educationally until she found an occupational therapist (OT) who explained how Heather's Sensory Processing Disorder impacted the Autism.

Together mother and daughter learned how a Sensory Diet, CranioSacral Therapy, and Bio-Medical Therapies can lead to Functioning Recovery. Tami navigated the public school environment and the medical community to get the right support for Heather, who succeeded in spite of the educational discrimination.

Tami has dedicated her life work to being an advocate, speaker and educator on autism and bodywork for autism. Tami is the award-winning author of the book, Coming Through the Fog and countless articles on autism. Tami unequivocally credits CST with Heather's path to functioning recovery.

Please consider a donation to the Dr. John E. Upledger Autism Fund. Tami Goldstein and The Dr. John E. Upledger Foundation partnered to provide an Autism Fund whose goal is to provide direct CranioSacral therapy services to individuals on the autism spectrum.