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The Mission of the Dr. John E. Upledger Foundation is to support the overall therapeutic philosophies and visions of TIME Innovator for the current millennium, Dr. John E. Upledger.

This fund will help kids with Arthrogryposis (AMC) receive CranioSacral Therapy. 

AMC is a rare disorder resulting in multiple stiff and contracted joints, muscle weakness and decreased flexibility. 

Bash’s Story:

Bash Hagelin is a pioneer in healing and recovery from the rare genetic condition Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita (AMC) which causes stiff joints and weak muscles. When he was born, doctors told his parents he may never be able to walk, feed himself or function independently.

The cornerstone of his amazing recovery has been CranioSacral Therapy. With the support of friends and donors, Bash has been able to receive over 200 hours of intensive therapy sessions since he was 3 months old.

At 6 months, old, Bash’s arms were in serial casting. The right foot was clubbed, which was later naturally healed with the help of CranioSacral Therapy. When he was 2 years old, each arm grew an inch after an 8-hour therapy session and he could bring his arms to center for the first time.

His mother Christina said “The treatment has also proven extremely effective for the reduction of post-surgery inflammation, pain, and recovery time. The healing changes with CST have and continue to be dramatic, lasting, and completely pain-free for Bash. Now at age five he is a champion of hope, overcoming the odds and dancing, running and playing to his own beat every day.”

When Bash’s Dad, Nick Hagelin, appeared on NBC’s The Voice in 2016, Pharrell Williams invited Bash out on stage and he instantly became a beacon of hope for millions of people with special needs and their families. With this national attention, floods of emails, messages and calls came in asking how Bash was able to break through the barriers that the medical world had set on him.

Fall 2016 we came together to help Bash and his friends Sofia, age 2, and Josie, age 8 months. Both Sofia and Josie were born with AMC, and face the same challenges as Bash did, working hard every day to gain strength and mobility. Neither Sofia nor Josie is able to stand, due to the contractures in their knees, and both face a series of surgeries on both their upper and lower bodies to gain flexibility and alignment. Just as Bash was, the girls were born with stiff, straight elbows, and delayed development for walking and most motor skills.

All the funds raised will be use for CranioSacral Therapy for Kids with AMC. CranioSacral Therapy, in combination with traditional medical treatments, has allowed Bash to soar beyond the early and life-encompassing challenges of mobility and feeding that Sofia and Josie are now facing.

Bash still has a way to go on his journey to independence, his goals now include being able to stand from sitting, dress and undress himself and take himself to the bathroom. 

Two-year-old Sofia’s goals are to stand on her own, walk comfortably without her gait-training device, and be able to better use her arms and hands in order to color and paint, brush her hair and teeth, and change her own clothes. Eight-month-old Josie is just learning to sit up on her own, roll around and play with toys. She has already had multiple lower body surgeries, and is currently in a series of leg casts to straighten out her lower body. Her goal includes becoming stronger and flexible enough to scoot from point A to point B and putting weight on her feet. Getting her hands to her mouth is a huge goal for her and her family, just as it was for Bash and Sofia.

Bash started receiving CranioSacral Therapy at 3 months old, and we are so excited to give these girls the same healing advantage. 

Please share Bash's inspirational story of hope and give what you can.