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RESPECTFUL Collaboration
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Nina Gronning, HP
158 Pages

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Respectful Collaboration;

Ten Clients, a Physician, and a CranioSacral Therapist—Inspired Healings

Book highlights

A book like this is needed now to continue to help strengthen the bridge between the established healthcare system and complementary modalities such as CranioSacral Therapy. Healthcare is challenged all over the globe. Chronic and complex conditions are affecting more people than ever before. New diseases and symptoms are constantly being discovered, and healthcare professionals and clients continue to seek new forms of treatment.

Respectful Collaboration is a thought-provoking book that shares the success of complementary treatments being used within the established healthcare system to help people with various disorders and diseases. It is a testimony to the power of an integrative treatment approach. It offers unique and concrete contributions for the collaboration and understanding between patients, physicians, and manual therapists. This book is both a recognition and a ray of hope for the future of healing. Delve into inspiring stories of courage from ten clients, a physician, and their CranioSacral Therapist.

Greetings from Nina Grønning, author:

"My wish for this book is to build bridges, make contacts, and share ideas about complementary therapies, so we may continue to shift the current perceptions of sickness and health. Wishing you a good read."

Doctor Frederik Vestergaard writes about his participation in this project:

"Why not say yes to an invitation for a doctor to gain better insight into the universe of complementary medicine? Maybe my prejudices will be confirmed or maybe I will be able to experience and learn something new. The results of the treatments in this project has clearly shown me that there is generally, much to gain for people with chronic and complex symptom patterns, as well as for clients whom their doctors have deemed hopeless cases."


“Nina Grønning brings the mystical into the light so we can see the truth: that we humans possess the power of self-healing to a much greater degree than we—and the medical establishment—have thought possible for centuries. There can be no doubt that CranioSacral Therapy and other complementary systems are here to stay.” -- Marianne Camille Tiffanie Kirkskov, MD, Kinesiologist

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