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The Way of Soul Lightening

Aminah Raheem, Ph.D.
336 Pages

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The Way of Soul Lightening

In this book Aminah Raheem, Ph.D., a transpersonal psychologist, describes the core elements of Soul Lightening and how she has applied it through her more than 30 years as a practitioner, healer, and teacher. Her amazing work, which has been taught in both Europe and the United States, is a unique synthesis of process oriented psychology, acupressure, past life therapy, inner child healing, chakra healing, and the transformation of past and present life issues. You’ll find this book an invaluable addition to your library whether you are interested in personal and spiritual growth for yourself or are an experienced health practitioner exploring further ways of addressing the whole person—body, mind, emotion, and soul. Dr. Raheem describes in detail a wide range of psycho-spiritual tools, principles, and applications for attuning with soul guidance, while providing illustrative healing stories drawn from actual case histories.

Arnold Mindell, Ph.D., the originator of Process Oriented Psychology, and the bestselling author of more than 20 books in 23 languages, commenting in the preface of this book, states: “Today millions of people are involved, either as practitioners or clients, in new, more wholistic approaches to healing and change. Over the past 30 years Aminah Raheem has been at the forefront of these world-changing approaches.”


The following endorsements by students of Dr. Raheem help to fill in a more complete picture of the many different ways this work is applied as well as its benefits:

“Profound medicine, both preventative and restorative…Soul Lightening is an invitation for the power of miracles…”

Cassie White, Zero Balancing teacher, United Kingdom

“Brings awareness and healing to all aspects of our human nature, and does so under the guidance and support of our soul...”

Reverend Paul Sibcy, Mountain View, California

“Implementing the energy healing of acupressure with process work allows us to access our deepest wounds as well as our highest potential, and integrate them in service to our soul destiny.”

Anna Winzenreid, Process Acupressure therapist and teacher, Switzerland

“Soul lightening Acupressure awakened me to my essence. My life took on new dimensions, moving me to the path that most suited my soul's evolution. There are no limits to where the work can take you.”

Paula Macali, Soul Lightening practitioner and yoga teacher, Tucson, Arizona

“When I got to know Aminah Raheem and Process Acupressure, it felt like coming home…a synthesis of spirituality, psychology, and energy work that I have not found in my psychology studies and the many therapy forms I have learned.”

Vivienne Rauber-Decoppet, psychologist and Process Acupressure practitioner and teacher, Switzerland

“The Process Acupressure students are so deeply engaged in their own soul exploration here. They are also onto the thread of how their soul work serves peace in the world."

Cathy Miller, Process Acupressure practitioner, teacher and president of Soul Lightening International, Baltimore, Maryland

“I found the work to be immensely helpful with those who were dying and those who were experiencing grief after death.”

Anne House, hospice worker and Process Acupressure practitioner, Nevada City, California

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