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DVD-Studio Set of 4

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DVD-Studio Set of 4  
(One program is now available only as an online video program. See note below.)

The professionally produced DVDs give you a front-row view of Dr. John Upledger as he applies his signature techniques to special cases.

CranioSacral Therapy 10-Step Protocol - We have transitioned this Studio Ten-Step Protocol DVD to an Online Video Program.

  • Explores each of the 10 basic techniques developed by Dr. Upledger, with special attention on hand placement. Includes three points of interest not on the original 10-Step Protocol DVD: still point techniques from the feet, sacral still point and therapeutic pulse. (60 min.)
The Avenue of Expression and the Masticatory System
  • Shows you how to use CranioSacral Therapy techniques for the mouth and teeth. (38 min.)
Energy Cysts and SomatoEmotional Release with Therapeutic Imagery and Dialogue
  • Dr. Upledger works with a young woman who experiences a powerful SomatoEmotional Release (SER) for the first time. Also includes a shorter, less intense SER in which Dr. Upledger's patient relives a near-fatal drowning accident. (66 min.)
The Voice of the Body: Whole-Body Diagnosis
  • Dr. Upledger demonstrates an integrated approach to whole-body evaluation and treatment while describing the various psychological phenomena that occur.(26 min.)

Note: If you would like to purchase this set as all online videos, please order from the Related Items below.

$120.00 (USD)