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I Believe in You

Michele Gianetti, R.N.
236 Pages

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I Believe in You

This book brings the reader into Elizabeth's and Michele's journey together as quickly as Michele herself was brought in by the events of Elizabeth's birth and first few days of life. Michele's writing style mixes imminence and retrospective to create a mixture of pathos and celebration that so rightly fits the life of a child with special needs and the family life (especially parental life) that is built around that child. The reader is equally put into Elizabeth's place and/or her mom's place as each new challenge presents itself. The anticipation is given its play until the outcome (retrospective) is presented. The outcome mixes resolve with emotional release and, in a small way, charts the course for the future--something ANYONE with a child (i.e. any parent) never truly knows but only prays and hopes for. The book offers resources for those fighting similar battles (for both child and parents). The retrospective sections offer hope at the end of the horizon for those finding themselves ushered into similar situations--situations they never thought they would face and situations they are still trying to fathom and get their own mind around. Mostly, the book offers hope--hope surrounded by love (sacrificial at times, parental at most times, and unconditional at all times).

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